GMO corn-derived ingredients

We've been testing popular storable food products in the lab and we've found them to contain and a shocking assortment of dangerous chemicals and GMOs:

Toxic heavy metals

Do you really know what's in your 


Hidden forms of MSG taste enhancers

canned food

Insane amounts of chemical pesticides

Soy-based GMOs

Chemical preservatives

The inescapable truth is that nearly all the popular storable food products on the market today are loaded with chemicals and GMOs.


If this is food that's supposed to keep you alive during a crisis, it makes no sense that it would be POISONING you at the same time, does it?



As a longtime prepper myself, I store food for emergencies and unknown events that may be headed our way. But finding clean storable food has proven almost impossible. It seems like all the storable food companies -- including all the "big names" promoted across independent media -- keep using GMOs, MSG and other toxic ingredients because they're the cheapest ingredients available.


In my quest to find storable foods good enough for my own personal use, I've rarely found anything organic, and I've never found anything that was laboratory tested for heavy metals.


Before long, I realized the only way I was going to find something like this was to create it myself.


It's called the Ranger Bucket Organic Emergency Storable Food Supply (certified organic!), and it's the world's first emergency food supply to be laboratory verified: All the products it contains are organic, non-GMO, low heavy metals, pure and clean. Nothing else across the entire industry has been scrutinized like this product, which is why this is exactly what you really want in the aftermath of a hurricane, an earthquake, tornado, social chaos or even the outbreak of regional civil war.

Ranger Buckets

So that's what I did!

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mini stove

Retail Price: $29.99

Cook anything almost anywhere! Works with propane and butane and you can use it to prepare all the foods in the Health Ranger Bucket Organic Emergency Storable Food Supply. Foldable and ultra-portable, it doesn’t take up much space and is easy to carry anywhere.




Ranger Gear Survival Kit

Ranger Gear Folding Credit Card Knife

Contains all the essential tools for outdoor survival: 9 feet of military grade paracord, carabiner, tin foil, tinder, carabiner, alcohol pad, knife blade, flint rod, 2 weights, 2 swivels, 15-foot fishing line, 2 floats, 2 fishing hooks, iron wire, safety pin and needle.

Retail Price: $9.95

These 4 bonus Ranger Gear tools have a retail value of $85.88, but you receive them

A gadget that looks like a credit card, but can be folded into a very practical and fully-functional knife. Very easy to carry around, you can use it in the preparation of your organic survival food and in any other indoor or outdoor activity. (Caution: Blade is stainless steel and extremely sharp!)

credit card knife

Ranger Gear Inflatable LED Solar Lantern (cube)

This little gadget is indispensable in case of a disaster that shuts down the electrical grid. It charges in sunlight and you can use it to light up a tent or a small room. (It has its own batteries built in!)

Retail Price: $25.99

Retail Price: $19.95

Ranger Gear Outdoor Mini Camp Stove

These four items, along with the Health Ranger Bucket Organic Emergency Storable Food Supply will have you fully prepared for whatever disaster comes your way. Order now to get prepared with healthy, nutritious food and take advantage of the FREE Ranger Gear gifts valued at over $85 (while supplies last).

while supplies last.

Survival Kit
square lantern
Numanna Organic Family Pack Bucket
  • No genetically modified SOY

When I realized that the storable foods industry did not offer anything that I would dare eat, I decided to create my own line of delicious, nutritious meals using 95% organic ingredients and absolutely NO JUNK.

In addition, I committed to creating a truly wholesome line of near-instant preparedness meals that avoid all the worst ingredients:


  • No GMOs
  • No polysorbate 80, propylene glycol or other chemicals found in storable foods
  • No pesticides or herbicides
USDA Organic certified logo
  • No hidden MSG
  • No chemical preservatives
  • No "autolyzed" or "hydrolyzed" anything
  • No carrageenan
  • No corn syrup

The result of this effort is the Numanna Organic Family Pack, which is the cleanest, most laboratory-validated, wholesome, honest and trustworthy survival food product ever created.

  • No artificial colors
  • No artificial flavors
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Numanna Organic Family Pack Bucket


  • Sweet Habanero Chili (sweet and spicy, this mind-blowing recipe is a customer favorite)

The Numanna Organic Family Pack contains all the following, vacuum sealed in a rugged, portable rectangular bin:

  • Mac 'n Cheese (crazy delicious, the macaroni is made with organic milled flaxseed, delivering a wholesome source of omega-3s, very filling, energy lasts for hours)
  • Organic Quinoa (a complete protein, makes a delicious soup by just adding eggs and onions)
  • Classic Chili (amazing chili that's super delicious, even without using any chemical taste enhancers)

* For those who are super sensitive to certain types of mushrooms, this recipe contains a small amount of powdered authentic crimini mushroom in the sauce.

  • Pancake Mix (incredibly delicious, made primarily with organic wheat flour, organic milk powder and organic whole powdered eggs)
  • Pasta Primavera* (a thick, creamy organic pasta with organic dehydrated vegetables, incredibly nutritious)
  • Cheddar Broccoli Soup (tastes gourmet, like you'd get in a fancy restaurant, yet all organic, incredibly satisfying)
  • Organic Black Chia Seeds (high in omega-3s and magnesium, can add to smoothies, soups, breads and more)
  • Brown Sugar Oatmeal (you're going to go ape over this one, with organic oats, organic cane sugar and organic molasses solids, this will blow you away)
Numanna Organic Family Pack Bucket
  • Organic nonfat dry milk (made from Grade A pasteurized skim milk, just add water to reconstitute)
Numanna Organic Family Pack Bucket
  • Italian Pasta Marinara (organic wheat flour and organic flaxseed paste, rich tomato taste, super delicious)

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When times are tough, you need food that provides you with NUTRITION, not POISON!

Food toxins, heavy metals and pesticides weaken your immune system and can even hurt your alertness and situational awareness. They promote diseases and lethargy, and they can often lead to diseases that require serious medical interventions (like diabetes or cancer!).


But in times of crisis, you need to fully alert, with strong immune function, high physical stamina and outstanding health. Toxic GMO foods laced with pesticides can't give you that... only truly clean, nutritious food can deliver the performance you need in uncertain times. And the Ranger Bucket Organic Emergency Storable Food Supply delivers on that promise.

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Ranger Bucket - Organic Emergency Storable Food Supply

MSRP: $1,199.25

Your Price: $1,139.25

Savings: $60.00 (5.0%)

Numanna Organic Family Pack (3-pack) 

* Within the Contiguous U.S. (48 states)

486 servings, 90900 highly-nutritious calories from organic ingredients

MSRP: $2,398.50

Your Price: $2,218.50

Savings: $180.00 (7.5%)

MSRP: $828.75

Your Price: $648.75

Savings: $180.00 (21.72%)

MSRP: $429.00

Your Price: $249.00

Savings: $180.00 (41.96%)

972 servings, 181800 highly-nutritious calories from organic ingredients


Ultimate Survival Bucket Combo (Ranger Bucket + Numanna Family Pack)

Your Price: $399.75

162 servings, 30300 highly-nutritious calories from organic ingredients

Numanna Organic Family Pack (6-pack) 

Numanna Organic Family Pack

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any diseases